Are you stuck with (LESS/SASS) pre-processor based color variables and looking around for solutions to implement dark mode?
You came to the right place!

Are you looking for an elegant way to implement a dark mode in your new project?
You came to the right place!

Are you looking for a way to listen to the operating system theme preference and switch your app’s theme accordingly?
You came to the right place!

A complete guide for elegantly implementing and switching between light and dark themes for web apps.


  • Demo
  • Pre-processor independence
  • Designing color variables in CSS
  • Setting up light and…

Debounce and Throttle are techniques to control how many time we allow an event to occur. The difference between them is explained below with an example


The Debounce technique allow us to “group” multiple sequential calls in a single one.


Throttle guarantees the execution of the function regularly, at least every x milliseconds while the event is occurring.

Let us see an example

Open console using F12 key to see the results

Throttle and Debounce can be useful in many situations like while the user is typing in the search box and you need to fire ajax event to populate filtered suggestions or for the drag event where you need to perform some action while user is dragging an element.

I hope this simple post has helped you understand why throttling and debouncing is used and what the the difference between them

You can see the same mails with exact same data and time-stamps on your Gmail account from a variety of devices. It is obvious that all your devices are pulling this email data from a single source provided by Google. This device and platform independence is achieved by separating the clients (Laptop browser, Smartphone app, Tablet app, etc.) from the server. And one of the most popular way to achieve this is using a REST architecture.

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. …

An employer visit to Facebook was arranged by my university (Binghamton University, NY). I was excited to see what Facebook actually do to keep the huge website running and upgrading. As I had heard and read that they have a cool and happening culture, I was curious to learn about what actually makes it cool. The title of the article may mislead you but, it will make sense after reading the whole article.

Since Binghamton University arranged the visit, we were 15 students from various majors along with Mr. Paul “The Career Development Center’s staff”. As we all went to…

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